Start faking it in the classroom!

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The event I am sharing this week comes from Larry Ferlazzo’s blog which features websites of the day.  His post is for Feb. 9th,2012 (an update of his early post from January 31st).

I chose to share this blog post because I think Ferlazzo has identified some interesting  tools that can be used with students to simulate the Web 2.0 environment.  This would be particularly interesting for younger kids who are unable to have a Facebook account for example because of the age restriction (age 13).

Larry suggests the tool “My Fake WallandFakebook could be used to “chart the career of a historical character” or to “outline the main plot of a book, play or film”.   There are many possibilities.     It is worth checking out.  Here is the link to Ferlazzo’s post:  (Click on “The Best Tools For Creating Fake ‘Stuff’ for Learning“)

Here is an excellent 90 second tutorial on setting up a Fake book account:

Here is a great instruction guide on how to use My Fake Wall in the classroom:


One response to “Start faking it in the classroom!

  1. Thanks for sharing this link, Brenda. It looks like it would be great for high school students. One of my teachers tried a pseudo Facebook page as a way to show learning for a research project on explorers. I’m not sure what she used as a program, but she said that it was hard for her class (grade 5/6) to get into it because they had very limited experience with Facebook. They didn’t understand how all of the different parts worked. Have you or anyone you know used this with grade 5 – 7? It might work better even with grade 7… Thanks! I’m going to recommend it; it looks interesting!

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